Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PNW Road Trip

At the beginning of the moth we decided to take a much needed road trip to the PNW.
We were hoping for some cool weather and rain. However we only got a few sprinkles the whole trip.
It was our first trip thought Idaho, it wasn't bad, but at the same time it was like driving though central California......

They did have roadside petting zoos....

We traveled a lot of the time along the Oregon Trail. It was pretty neat trying to imagine how it was to be making that trek back then.

Small town stops are always fun.

Lots of trains....always.

In Pendleton we slipped in to the mill right before they closed the doors.

 A beautiful bug splattered sunset.

First night ....Pizza at the Blind Onion.
It was sooooo good, especially after a long day on the road.

The next day we took the rails into downtown for Powell's and found this gem.....
And old school arcade! I loved that they had tons of pinball.

V was excited to play games he had only heard of...

It was funny that everyone in the arcade was in their 40s.
V was the youngest one there but LOVED it.
It was cool that he got a taste of what "gaming" was when we were teens.

Then it was off to the LEGO store (one of many we visited on the trip)

After a long day and what seemed like an epic time finding a place to eat we found this gem......

It reminded me of a Grateful Dead  Gypsy Den....It was just want we needed for the night.
The food was just as great as the ambiance.

The next day we were off for Seattle for the Brick Con!

Lets just say it was shear MADNESS! It was neat, but WAY too many people to really enjoy it.

We did however meet up with some old friends, so It was nice to take time out of the chaos and visit.

Lego CPU anyone?

Major building inspiration.

Then of course we HAD to see the space needle.

 Then off to North Bend......To get our Twin Peaks nerd on.
Since they have started filming they have totally redone the "RR" sine the last time we had been there.

Damn fine cup of coffee and the best cherry pie around.

 We also had to make our trip to the falls. It was SUPER crowded. I am not sure if it was the fact that it was a "nice" day, or the weekend, but we enjoyed it much more last time when it was soooo cold and rainy since we had it all to ourselves then.

I think I found where Ronette was found... I could be wrong but I loved this place all the same.

The smell was magical...
I love the smell of decomposing leaves and moist earth....It is the best ever.
No one was around and I seriously could have ventured for hours...BUT it was getting dark and the boys would be worried if I took too long.

What would a trip to the PNW be without some skate park visits?

The band was setting up, ready for a Saturday skate party.

 Always something new to be built...

Then off to the pier

 Seattle at night

The next day we decided to do a coastal drive.....that started at Camp 18.
Such delicious food.....and so much to explore afterwards.

More skating along the way

One thing I love more then moss, is the ocean...

More skating.....

Then to Multnomah Falls

And MORE skating...

Had to get a photo of the sign....last time it was holiday time so the deer had a red nose.

The next day we headed on home.
But not before we mad a final skate stop in Mt Hood.
This is seriously the most perfect skate park in my book.
Skate, squirrel, trees, moss, birds....my future back yard!

Then it was back home...till next time!

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