Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday of Fun

We haven't really been up to too much.

Activities are mellow at the moment, however I am welcoming some much needed down time.

Before you know it I will be decorating for the holidays and events will be filling the calendar once again.

This Friday V and his friends went to do air soft.

They love it, I haven't yet to try it.

Realistically I am scared that I will either be overwhelmed (last night was SUPER crowded) or I will get super aggro and become Rambo.

I will try day.

They had fun, even with the overcrowding and gun malfunctions.

That is why V is wanting his own equipment.....and to just practice whenever he wants.

But before we headed off for war games, we had to get caffeinated.

There is a new place that opened by the house, so we gave it a try.

Watchtower Cafe...

It is really tasty and had a good feel. more old school (games, couches, comics, etc)

Everything we want from a coffee house.

Cute menu wall. Just reminds me how much I want a chalkboard wall when we have our own house.

And look how cute my cup aren't going to get that from a Starbucks.

The drinks were delicious as well.

Overall we really liked it and will be back!

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