Monday, November 2, 2015

Hee Haw Farms

Last week we had a to Hee Haw farms with friends.
It was the first time that we have ever been but it has been by far one of the best ones we have been too.
V was having a "mommy day" so we just palled around for the most part.

Playing on the tractors is always fun.....

And there was a petting farms as well!

We love the goats...

I love this little face.

It started to sprinkle some so they wanted to find shelter....

And we went to do our first corn maze. It was so peaceful with the rain hitting the husks.

And the sunflower patch was super cool and eerie.....They looked so mopey and their leaves looked like death shrouds (but that's just me and my eye)

The pumpkin watch was great since they were all still on the vines and intermingled within the sunflowers.

Sooo many interesting baby pumpkins.

More sunflowers...

And a giant slide.

When we got there V didn't want to ride since it was full of field trip kids.

But once they left it was just our group...So he rode.

And had the most graceful of landings...

This is a place that we will definitely be going to again next season!

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