Monday, December 28, 2015

Adding To The Collection

So I have a small obsession with gnomes (and my saying small I am being extremely sarcastic)

Whenever I see a good one I have to scoop them up.

This little guy was my latest find from Crate and Barrel of all places.

Then another obsession are German smokers.

I had never been able to find them in California, however I found one when we went to Christkindlemart.

So while the weather was clear I headed on over to My Olympus to the clock shop to look for more.

OMG this store has sooo many to choose from.

I think this will be a new tradition (every holiday a new one)

These were to the two I got...

The "woodsman" is allot bigger then the other that I had bought.

I really wanted to stay within the same scale, but I really wanted him so I went with it.

The mushroom guy is just an ornament but sooo cute!

These guys will live on the mantle all year long.

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