Monday, December 7, 2015


This weekend was pretty mellow for the most part.

We did get out and got a few gifts handled and enjoyed a mom's night at Bombay House.

The main attraction however was Chistlekindlemart that was held at "this is the place" in SLC.

I had been looking for a Euro holiday event in the area (in the past we had done the Swedish one at Old World Village in HB)

This was GREAT!

There were foods and snacks, and lots to look at.

We saw some good friends...

The fact that the weather was cold and with the lights and bonfires really made it feel old worldly and special.

 I was super excited to finally get a smoker....he is sooo cute.

 I wish I could have got a day!

 Oh how I love the clocks...

Earlier that Day we had went to the Festival of Trees and met up with some friends.

It was fun but overly stimulating...loud music, bright fluorescent lights, tons of people.

Needless to say we only lasted for a little while.

Whole we were there we got to make some crafts, hang out and chat and see some pretty amazing stuff.

This house was amazing.

And the edible At At was pretty cool too.

The UP house was super cute as well.

I loved this quilt. I have been wanting to do the same thing for years...but with my kitten patterns.

I might have to get on that since it looked great.

All in all a great weekend!

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