Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Faraday Lecture

This Past Thursday we attended the Christmas Faraday lecture at the U.

It was our first time and we were really excited to beable to go.

We had watched the ones they have in the UK on the BBC however I had no idea they had them at the U.

Never being at the U we got a wee bit lost finding the be fair it as raining and it wasnt very well lit.

But we did get in and seated on time.

Everyone was super excited!

 It was expermints and demos from start to finish....

 Lots of color changes...

Learning faces....

Over the course of it there were lots of explosions and color changes going on.

At one point they even made murcury glass.

It was a great night for sure.

My only complaint is that they didnt share all the compounds they were making/using (probobly for our own safety)

However I was still curious.

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