Monday, December 28, 2015


This was our first Christmas where we just got to do whatever we wanted...boy it was GREAT!

So it was the most relaxing Christmas to say the least.

We woke up to snow so that was super exciting!

Finally we have a "White Christmas"

It was so peaceful and pretty....much better then the 70 deg norm in So Cal.

V even wore his "Holiday" jumper

Let the opening begin...

The main gift was the Pip Boy edition of Fallout 4.

Needless to say he was quite a surprised guy...

Showing us how it works.

After gifts he ventured back to the gaming control post where the rest of the day was spent playing and Skyping.

D just worked on his GI Joes and relaxed.

I had made Krimble Crumble and shepards pie for our Christmas dinner (always a hit)

It was a great first Christmas in's to many more wonderful Christmases!

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