Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ice Skating

Yesterday we met up with friends to go ice skating at the Gallivan Center.

V had never been on the ice, and it had been 20 some years since I had been.

I am proud to announce that neither one of us fell and we had allot of fun.

V was petrified of the skates earlier that day,  I think he must had thought they were sharp like a sword or something.

He started out slow and hugging the wall...

 Then got his "ice legs"

 Then it was time to have some fun...

Luckily we pretty much had the rink to ourselves and friends that day.

It really made for a great "learning" day!


The rest of the area was decorated with lots of holiday lights as well.

 Then it finally got dark enough to enjoy the lights on the ice!

We had a great time and cant wait to go again this season!

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