Thursday, December 31, 2015

Snow Fun

The other day we got some more snow.

I really shouldn't still be so amazed and excited each time there is snow, but I am.

It just makes everything look fresh and peaceful.

It was snowing lightly and flakes were dusting the porch.

So I decided to have a little fun with my macro lens.

It is fascinating to see for your own eyes how no two snowflakes are the same.

I mean you always hear it but it is still amazing to see the formations.

 J had set up a  sledding day for his school & unschooled friends before he had to go back to classes.

Seriously it was a perfect day for sledding. Fresh snow and it was lightly snowing all day...

After some sledding and a fuel up of hot coco and cookies (thanks Nicole) They decided to make a jump.

It was quite a show of teamwork...

Too bad it wasn't packed hard enough and they just went through it instead of over it.

They then decided to try different formations down the hill.

There were snakes, walls, pods, you name it they tried it.

Tons of laughs , good times, and new friends.

We stayed for much longer then we had planed. But everyone was having a good time and we had no place we needed to be.

But as the sun started to go down we figured that was our clue to pack it up...over 4 hrs later.

It was a wonderful day, and cant wait for another sledding day with friends.

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