Tuesday, December 15, 2015


A few weeks ago we had a little snow, however yesterday was our first "big" snow.

Maybe not bit for some people, but def big for us seeing that we had lived in So Cal for our whole lives up until this year.

We were all just looking out the windows, going out to see what as going on etc all day.

I am sure that the neighbors think that we are kooks, but whatever. It is new and exciting.

The cold weather and snow has defiantly helped get up into a holiday spirit this year.

The trees all look AMAZING with snow branches...

We have been lucky that we haven't HAD to drove anywhere.....there will be shoveling to do when the time comes...

More trees

Back yard...we have over 8 inches on the deck.

D had been a trooper shoveling the sidewalk...

Ahhhh those branches....

I even made some more decorations...

It was going to be a star until I realized just how but it would be so I hung them separately...

Until they fall down a few times.

We were amazed all day by the beauty of the snow and nature in general.

But it wasn't until night time we were really in awww.

This photo was take at around 10pm......but it looked like it was maybe 4pm.

It was SOOOO bright out, and not even full moon. I can only imagine snow and a full moon!

More snow is in the forecast! We cant wait!

Hopefully we will finally have our "White Christmas" we have been dreaming of!

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