Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Water Park

When I told V that we were going to go to Seven Peaks yesterday he kinda freaked out.

I mean it is winter, has been more then chilly and been snowing as well.

Once I explained to him that they had "winterized" it to the North Pole he was excited.

It was the first year they have done it so I wasn't sure what to expect.

First of all the Provo Seven Peaks is soooo much cooler then the Salt Lake one.

I think we will be making the drive this summer to visit Provo.

It reminded me of Raging Waters in San Dimas that we went to when we lived in Ca.

Ever wonder what happened to water parks in the winter???

They get filled with snow.

Mid week was super empty

This was the only slide they had open for the winter.

I kinda was looking forward to riding down the other slides, but just such luck.

It was scary but fun.

The kids road this more then a few times......

Hot snowed the whole time we were there.

The lazy river was the most fun.

Bumper boats were our mode of transport, while we got to look at all the decorations and listen to music.

Fire pit warm ups

 Overall it was a great time and we would go again.

I would wear more then tights and legwarmers (lesson learned)

I feel like we have done more this holiday season then we have in the past 10 years for the holidays.

Snow and cold weather sure does make a difference...Not missing California one bit!

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