Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fishy Fun

Yesterday we headed on out to the Living Planet Aquarium.

We had never been, but we always loved going to Sea World and the Aquarium of the Pacific in California.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

I mean it just seems weird to be not being by the ocean for ocean life, however it was really fun.

So far we have been rather impressed with the museums etc in the area. They re really well laid out and you can see stuff from several different vantage points (we really like that)

Our first stop was "South America"

It was soooo humid and warm in this area...obviously.

But it was weird since you look out the window and see snow at the same time.

The frogs were so bright they looked fake.

The water was sooo calm it was like a mirror.

Then we headed over to see the river otters...soo cute.

They had been let out for their food scavenger hunt when we got there.

Off to check out the jelly fish.

They are so peaceful...I could watch them for hours.

Then our favorite spot...the penguins!

After hanging out and watching their antics we checked out the tropicals.

These guys were too silly. I guess they are about 13 inches long and just burrow in.

Until there is floating food, then they jet on up.

They reminded me of the worm on Sesame Street...I loved him.

Then we arrived at the sharks.

Then we had to go back and spend more time watching the penguins.

These guys were too funny...holding hands

Then off to the gift shop...

This mug was soo cute and made me think of D


 And then I had to buy this little guy. He was soo soft and cute.

We named him Mr Waddlesworth.

Overall it was a great day and we will defiantly be going back to visit the animals again.

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