Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016...

2015 was good to us.

We finally moved, made new friends, fresh starts, tried lots of new thing and got our first snow and white Christmas.

But now on to 2016.

I wonder what this year will have in store for us.

I really don't make resolutions but rather I like to set goals for the new year.

Most of the time they don't pan out or I get sidetracked and forget about them.

This year I am keeping it simple and hopefully will stay on track.

Aside from obviously hoping the best in health and happiness for us (and everyone really) I decided on these goals for 2016...

1.  Start and finish a 365 photo project
2.  Get in better shape (and hopefully unload a good 80lbs)
3.  Buy a house. It is really time we have a house of our own
4.  Sew more (lots more...I have been seriously slacking in this department)
5.  Start painting again
6.  More photography (non phone camera) I really need to get more familiar/confident with my DSLR.
7.  Spend less money
8.  More road trips
9.  More camping

Nothing too exciting, but good goals non the less.

May 2016 be the best year yet!

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