Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Museum of Ancient Life

Yesterday we checked out the Museum of Ancient Life with some friends.

It was our first time here.

Overall it was pretty cool. Like most things at Thanksgiving Point they are pricey.

Luckily our friends had passes and we were able to get in at 1/2 price...always nice.

The museum brings your though time starting with the big bang.

You start with walking on a plexiglass walkway though a dark room with stars.....and since it is plexiglass you look like your walking in space....cool but a bit freaky.

From there you go though all the time periods....pretty cool.

Entry area...

This was the only gnome I saw...but then I wasn't really looking for gnomes.

 No one was working the lab today....I loved their tool cases though.

 Our very own Utah Raptor

The sea room was super relaxing...I need a room like that at home.

Overall it was a nice trip, and a nice little museum.

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