Thursday, January 28, 2016


This past Tuesday some unschooling mom friends headed on over for Tapas Tuesday at Meditrina restaurant here in Salt Lake City.

This is a place that I would never really come to on my own, but since there was an event I went for it.

It was an all you can eat night (and boy we ate allot)

All the food was really good.

I only took a few photos of the food because we were all starving, and I felt like a douche taking food photos here.

This one was granny smith apples, walnuts, arugula and a cheese custard type thing (I forget the real name) But that cheese was sooo good, we couldn't get enough.

Roasted beets were in the back ground.

This was a roasted beet brushetta with arugula...again SOOOO good.

This one was a couscous stuffed roasted eggplant. It was tasty, however I am partial to breads and cheeses.

It was a really nice night and a fun way to get out of my food comfort zone.

Great food and great company!

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