Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Wows and Woes

Being a few months into our first real winter I think that we have be doing rather well.

Me and V were both down with head colds, but luckily D never got it and we are all better now.

Waking up to fresh white snow is always lovely, and it makes everything seem so fresh and clean.

Everything is so wonderfully quiet as well.

We have learned that painted objects do not last in the elements.....

I went to the Sprauge branch of the library while it was still peaceful.

I don't want to say we have mastered driving in the snow, but we defiantly are not afraid of it anymore.

I really need to head out more in the snow for walks...once I get over my fear of slipping and falling.

Overall winter has treated us well (so far)

Aside from learning that you cant leave items in your car overnight if it is below freezing. 

We had refilled out water bottles and only brought one in for the night (it was late and we were tired)

Anyhow the next day I went to go to the comic shop and heard a big slosh and wave of water .....yea the bottle had bust and the trunk area had flooded into the back seat....

5 gallons of water in the car in winter not good. 

I feel like it will never dry out, and the car is now a terrarium of sorts....

We do have some sunny 40 degree days in the forecast so hopefully with windows down we can get the final moister out.

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