Thursday, February 25, 2016


Nothing too exciting has been going on over here as of late.

Friends have been out of town so me and V have been having some down time while D has been working and on the mend from a nasty cold.

Last Thursday we had some interesting and un expected weather...

It has been warm (high 40s) and sunny then high winds blew in a storm...then hail which turned to a very unexpected snow.

It was all melted away by Friday, but it was nice while it lasted.

Saturday we headed on up to Park City.

I wanted to go to the outlets and to have lunch at a little pizza place we like. But we wanted to do it after Sundance was over with.

Unfortunately the town is still really busy (well it is snow season)

We did have a great lunch at Davanza's

Then drove though town and headed on home.

We are looking forward to spring and summer trips up there.....soooo quiet and the skate park isn't filled with snow.

Sunday we just hung out at home and worked on some projects.....V was busy working on a program, I was working on my Twin Peaks deck and D was busy doing some photos for his site...

Overall a great weekend!

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