Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday Funday

This Sunday we wanted to get out and play in the snow.

So we kept it local and just went to Sugarhouse park.

It was great, the little spot we picked was away from anyone (for embarrassment sake) and really peaceful.

Much better then the big hill that everyone goes too.

We figured we would try to get use to the snowboard before we headed up the hill and paid.

D did well but he is not a fan of being strapped onto something.

V meanwhile was stubborn and didn't want to wear his snow boots so he took a few runs but for the most part just played in the snow.

D and his little snow skate.....He had more fun on that then the snowboard.

Mini Snowman

 Snow skate fun.

We had fun and are now going to try to make it a every weekend thing while there is snow on the ground.

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