Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wrapped in Plastic

Yesterday was Twin Peaks Day so what would any good fan do?


D went and got our sugary treats before we got up (what a guy)

So we started the day off with donuts and coffee.

Listened to Coop's "Diane" recordings...

Then for dessert we had to have cherry pie.

Then home to break in my Twin Peaks tarot cards I made this week.

The artwork was from an artist but I printed them and did layers of decoupage and card stock on them.

I am really pleased at how they turned out, and pleased with my reading as well.

We had planned on rounding out the evening with watching "Fire Walk with Me" but V started Skyping and D working on his site.

All in all a great Twin Peaks Day.

It could only be better if we were up in the PNW again.....We LOVE it up there.

These shots are from a past trip...

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