Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fun at the Festival of Color

This past Sunday while most people were on egg hunts and celebrating Easter we headed on down to the Sri Sri Radha Temple to celebrate Holi.
This was our first color festival and let me tell you it was tons of fun.
There is a certain kind of satisfaction that you get from tossing color at random people you don't know.
It also added a forced interaction which I need in public places.
There were many vendors and of course the temple was serving up its delicious food as always.
Me and V opted for a Hawaiian Ice that day though.
The weather was perfect for the event as well.
Overall a great day was had but everyone...I am already looking forward to the next one!

We got bombed from just walking from the car to the field.

D singing along

Color release time. You got color tossed at your from start to finish but every hour they had a count down for a big color toss.

 Taking a break.

Had to say Hi to the llamas.....We love to watch them. They knew better then to get to close to anyone today.

These people were just laying still while everyone colored them.....I bet it looked cool with their outline when they got up.

My favorite shot of the day. Bright blue skies, colorful people, and the beautiful temple.

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