Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy 3.14 Day!

We have been celebrating some "holidays" that we normally don't this year.
But hey why not.....especially when it means you can eat yummy foods.

This year for "pie" day I was planning on making pizza and then having some pie.

Unfortunately I forgot I was proofing the dough in the oven when I preheated it for our lunch.

"Whats that awful smell?"

Oh that would be my bamboo cutting board being burnt to a crisp.....
Live and learn.

I thought I had saved the dough in time until I went to roll it out later that night...the bottom had become bread.

So Domino's to the rescue (if you want to call it that) 

When you were all set for some homemade pizza it just doesn't compare.

Dinner was followed by some gaming.

Then what we all were waiting Pie!

All in all a great 3.14 day!

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