Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

I had my 40th trip around the sun wrap up earlier this's to the 41st trip....

For an afternoon sweet we met up with friends at Leatherbys to celebrate.

Then we headed on home to just vedge (because that's the kind of Bday I wanted to have.)

As soon as D was done with work we headed on over to the Mellow Mushroom and the feast began...

We started off with the pretzels and beer cheese. OMG sooo yummy! I could have seriously just had a few orders of these and been happy.

And a pitcher of an Irish red that was delicious.

Then it was off to the main course of 1/2 "Holy Shiitake" pizza and 1/2 "Red Potato" pizza Both were amazing!

I really didn't think that anything could top the shiitake one, but the red potato was like eating a loaded backed potato...mmmmmmm

Needless to say after were were finished we had no room for any desert....kinda sad about that but we can always make that up another day!

Overall it was a great day filled with food, friends, & family!

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