Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ikea Celebration

This past Friday we went to Ikea's Spring Smorgasbord.

We had never been to an Ikea party but seeing that V is into all things Swedish we figured why not.

We weren't really sure what to expect.

The employee told us they decorated the eating area and everything so we were pretty excited.

When we got there it was a bit crowded but not crazy crowded.

We were given writs bands and pointed in the direction of the buffet.

They had tons of foods and the tables were decorated.

However the regular kitchen was still open and other gusts were eating all the same, so it didn't feel THAT special.

The food was yummy, but just like any buffet, not stellar.

We all ate a good share of the lox and smoked salmon as well.

The desserts had a big variety, however allot were too sweet for after eating so much rich foods prior.

Overall it was a fun experience.

But I don't think that we would go again......instead we are looking forward to Scandinavian Days later this year.

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