Friday, March 18, 2016

Jazz vs Suns

Last night we spent our St Patrick's day at the Jazz game.

D had been wanting to go to another game and just asked to look into tickets before the end of the season.

Then I got a message from a friend if we wanted tickets......perfect!

Not to mention the tickets were WAY better then anything we would have bought on our own (were cheap)

So the fact that we didn't have to climb epic stairs or have V go into a panic attack (he is not a fan of heights) was super good.

The Jazz won (of course) and it was a really good game.

V couldn't wait till 1/2 time for his shake.

There were lots of antics......I think the "dunk team" are basically the guy cheerleaders.

If anyone told me years ago that we would be going to so many sporting events I wouldn't have believed them.

We would always do an annual Dodger's game but now we go allot more.

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