Saturday, April 23, 2016

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

At the beginning of the week we headed on our with some friends and fellow unschoolers to Kanab.

Being all animal lovers we figured this would be a great trip, help out, and learn all the same.

It was an early day to say the least, however the kids were troopers. I am guessing the thought of all the animals kept them going.

We stopped for lunch at the Thunderbird before we got there.

It was good, but for someplace that is known for their "ho" made pies you would have thought it would have been out of this world, they weren't.

The surrounding area was really pretty, it is close to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon & Lake Powell.

Then we finally arrived.

Driving to the main building we were getting a feel of how large the sanctuary really was.

Just before orientation we met up with more friends who arrived the day before and were giving us the lowdown.

Our first stop was "Kitty City"...well that's what we called it anyhow.

There are I believe 8 buildings and I swear each one had about 50 cats.

I had read that they house over 500 cats at the sanctuary...thats a lot of cats!

Each room had a catio and it was seriously like the game Neko Atsume.

All kinds of catwalks and beams for them to scratch and play...

These cats are definitely well cared for!

We were feeding them a treat of baby food...who knew, but they loved it.

The first house we worked in had cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, basically kitty palsy.

It was really sad to see them try to get around. But they have had it their whole life and don't know any different, and aren't in any pain.

It is caused from their moms having distemper while pregnant.

So these little guys got to go for walks in strollers.

They loved it.....

Then some got to go out on harnesses.

I was super excited to walk a cat...well actually the cat does the walking and you just follow.

This little guy had the palsy and couldn't get far, so he was allowed to go out with out a harness.

He was loving the blue jays and bugs. He would make a mad dash (2-3 fast hops then stop/fall) but he was loving it all the same.

He also loved rolling in the dirt.

Then more petting and feeding.

Everyone started to wind down for the night just as our shift ended.

After we checked into our hotel we headed out to town to have a little dinner.

Apparently the town of Kanab is quite famous.

Lots of westerns etc have been filmed there. so the town really played up the western theme and had old movie star stuff all over.

And we found a shooting range...

The next day our friends went to go work with the bunnies and parrots.

Me and V just stuck with the kitties.

This day we worked at a different house then before.

We had seen all the fatties on the catio the day before and they all seemed quite friendly so we chose to work at the Colonels Barracks.

Right away we found a room of super friendly guys.

And V met his new BFF.

Scrapper was V's shadow when he wasn't on his lap.

You can get updates on Scrapper HERE He is a "sponsored animal"

Once we move I think I would kinda like to go back for him...he was such a sweetie.

Sadly this room was the FIV room.

Just like human HIV they can still love a long full life.

Humans can't contracts FIV so it made both me and V sad to think that they had been given up because of it.

They were all such lovers, I wish I could have brought a few of them home.

We spend the entire day playing and petting these guys.

We also got tons of steps in while taking everyone on walks.

This little guy just liked to be out in the sun on his harness...

He was 13 and had bad arthritis so he just liked being outside in the sun.

His excursion for the day was walking on over to the other building to get treats (he's not dumb)

When his owner passed away he had left a chunk of money for the sanctuary.

It was also put in the will that his little furbaby would be able live out his years here.

Although he is without his owner, he is definitely loved.

While we were there we cleaned out their room and catio so that the staff could focus on other stuff.

Wow what a job, no wonder why they need so many volunteers.

It was really sad to say good bye to all our new friends when it was time to leave.

I would definitely go back and do it again but being D with us next time.

It is a HUGE sanctuary and so well done.

The people are all so nice and overall it had such a great vibe.

Even though these animals don't have "forever" homes yet they are well taken care of and loved here.

If you have a chance or will be in the area you should definitely stop in.

Even if you can't work a shift they have tours and it is just really amazing at what all they do there.

I just cant say enough about them. I knew it was a great organization to begin with, but now I think I love them even more.

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