Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Going Downtown

On Sunday we finally decided to go for Indian brunch at a little coffeehouse close to home.

You know one of those things where something is always going on or you just miss the time slot etc.

Anyhow Sunday was the day, we were going to have brunch then house hunt.

Well we thought we were going to .....They were closed till after the first of the month. Out of town I am guessing. But just our luck.

House hunting turned out to be pretty much the same story.....less then fruitful to say the least.

I really think it might be a month too early so we will just sit tight for more to pop up.

To salvage the day we decided to take advantage of free parking and explore downtown.

It was also another way to sneak some steps in as well.

It is really kinda eerie how quiet downtown is on a Sunday.

But we enjoyed it all the same.

This barber shop was definitely old school, and HUGE inside.

Invasion from the Mormons from outer space...

We stopped in for a drink at the Beehive Bar.

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