Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Springtime in SLC

We have now come full circle and have experienced all for seasons here in Salt Lake City.

Coming from an area where it was sunny and 70 (or hotter) every day all year round I must say 4 seasons are wonderful!

Our first winter was so special. All the snow was mesmerizing, and really it never got as cold as we had "expected"

But now we have got a taste for spring and I am more then ready for some warm weather and sunny skies once again.

Going on our walks around town and the park I have been catching little images of spring to share with you.


We have a had a few thunderstorms......I hope we git more big ones like we had when we moved in last year.

Green buds are literally bursting our on the trees.

Tons of bulbs are popping up everywhere. I believe these are sego lilies (I could be wrong)

The little duck couple that is always having some "alone time" at the pool.


Happy little squirrels frolicking around the park.

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