Thursday, April 14, 2016

Woodland School

The other day we finally made it to Woodland School again.
We had gone once before but the time was just WAY to early for us.
Now it is later in the day and fits our schedule.
Until the meadow is free from snow it has been held at Wheeler Farm.
I mean who doesn't love to play with the animals and roam about.

Walking and talking...

They found a cat.

And had some laughs

 I was trying out the new fisheye on the phone...

Not too shabby for $11 (I love markdowns on clearance prices!)

 Ohhh the geese, They were friendly till we were heading back to the car and decided to go into attack mode.

A little baby

It was feeding time so the animals were more interested in the food then love today.

It was such a beautiful day...So warm and sunny (today is raining and wind but hey it is spring)

Mr Prissy Pants (before attack mode)

It was a great day chatting with friends in the warm sun, until next week.

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