Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Birthday Boy

Last Friday was V's 14th birthday.

How is he 14 already? I don't know, but time sure flies the older you get.

The past few birthdays have been willy nilly, last year we had just moved and celebrated at the park. And this year was still willy nilly since we weren't really sure if we were going to be in the middle of another move, or really what the game plan would be.

It ended up perfectly though and he had a whole weekend of fun.

Friday was his actual birthday and since that is our regular park day we had a big one.

Our friends from down south road the train on up where we hopped on and continued on up to spend the day in Ogden.

After we got group shots (talk about herding cats) We headed on down  to Lucky Slice for some pizza.

Then it was of to the park to work off our meal and have some fun.

High Adventure Park was really neat with lots to climb and do.


Then it was time for ice cream!

This place was really cute and their ice cream is yummy too.

After we were full of ice cream we headed back to the train and home for the day.

Then it was time for some gifts and dinner.

A box of Pokemon cards from Japan...quite the hit.

We had pizza AGAIN for dinner, but who is complaining?

Then dessert!

It was quite the full day.

The following day V got a group of his friends together to go to the Wizard Prom put on by the library.

Then Sunday continued his "birthday fun" with checking out goods at the Geek Swap Meet and an Overwatch event at a local theater for the pregame release.

So a whole weekend of fun for V this year.

I wonder what 15 will bring.

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