Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Glass Recycling

Yesterday Momentum Glass Recycling in the West Valley was having an open house of their new facility so me and V decided to go check it out.

We are always interested where our waste goes and what happens to it when it leaves our curb.

We were both really shocked at how small the actual facility is, however after going around and reading all the info, there isn't a need for a huge facility.

This was a self guided tour (our fave kind) However there were employees there to answer questions if you had any.

Their parkway had huge pieces of "sea glass"

V thought it was amazing but then I had to explain what sea glass was...now he is on a mission next time we go to the lake.

I would love to have this for landscaping.

We were greeted by "Craig" ok his name really wasn't Craig but we love Dinosaur Office so much, any dino that looks like Craig is a Craig to us.

Granted he wasn't made of glass, he is however made from all recycled cans and was made by an employe.

Then it was onto the plant...

The trucks...

back of the plant...

Then they had designated areas for different types of glass. This was all metal framed window panes.

More glass...

Bottles...Lots of wine being drank in the Cottonwood, Mt Olympus, Holiday areas (thats where this plant processes from)

This pile was by far our favorite...It was just all flat planes of glass.

All broken in shards and sparkled in the sun

At one point wind hit it just right and it made a "glassalanch" The sound was amazing and it was just so pretty to watch.

We were just in awwww, so much so that I didn't think fast enough to take a video.

We waited for a bit in hopes of another but it never happened.

So beautiful, yet freaky all the same. My mind went to a horror movie with no shoes (I wont go into details)

Inside the plant for the first process, the glass rides up and then gets "hammered" into smaller pieces.

Another "hammering" section

The giant magnet that pulls up all the bottle caps.

This machine removed labels I believe.....I am not quite sure of the exact process but they were saying it was like an air hokey table.
So I am guessing the labels etc would hover above the glass to be scooped away.

More of the plant

 This was the dumpster full of the "trash" (labels, caps etc) Sooooo many labels.....

As it gets broke down more and more it then gets sifted into I believe 4-5 different grain sizes all used for different uses and loaded into these bags, ready for sale.

I was shocked to find out that their biggest seller was a "sand" used for sandblasting. I would have never thought it was from glass.

More bags getting filled...

Overall I am really glad that we headed on out for this. It was super interesting and now makes me want to see if the metal plant across the way ever has open houses or tours.

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