Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Living Traditions Festival

Saturday me and D decided to head on over to the Living traditions Festival that was being held in library square.
Last year we had missed this since we had just moved and didn't know it was going on till they were cleaning up.
This year we wanted to check it out.

The weather was iffy and we got a few sprinkles. But overall it was a nice day to walk around and eat.

I had expected it to be bigger and having more booths of crafts to buy. However there was still plenty to keep us busy for a couple hours.

I love these eggs and I was sad that they didn't have any to buy,



No wonder why these rungs cost so much money....the time and craftsmanship put into these is amazing.


And my favorite (again sad that they didn't have pieces for sale)

We also tried a bunch of food (I dare say too much)

But the best greens I have had in a long time. I went back for seconds. Seriously why are there no soul food places here in SLC?

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