Saturday, May 14, 2016

Year in Review...

I know it seems weird to do a review pretty much mid year, however it has been a year that we have been living in Utah so I figured I would do a little post about live since we have been here.

As of Mothers Day it has been a year since we moved from California.

Overall we still enjoy it here and would never want to move back to California. It is nice to have so many less people and some room to breath. That being said we don't see us here forever, this is just a layover (till V is on his own) onto our final destination to the PNW.

The weather is great here! Four seasons is fabulous and I love them all.

Summer was much like Ca and just coming from years of "summer" it was not exciting.
Now that we have had the other seasons I am looking forward to summer and all that that brings.

Fall was short...too short! I loved the changing colors, the trees are just amazing when they look as if they are glowing.

We lived though a winter and the snow was nothing like I expected it to be. It was easy to get around and it made everything quite beautiful. It was nice to have a slowed down life and downtime to just recharge.

Spring has to be my favorite season. I love thunder storms and rain! This spring has had quite a bit of wild weather, lots of sudden hail storms. All of which have been amazing.

But I am excited for more "predictable" weather and looking forward to summer again. Camping time!

I love watching the cycle of seasons, life, etc. You can definitely tell time on Mother Nature's watch.

Since we have been here we have made great new friends and have a wonderful unschooling community. That is the reason why we plan to stay till V is on his own. He finally has a little "squad" and more friends are moving to the area so it will really be great for him in his "teen years"
He has grown so much in this past year and doing things that I never imagined him doing...really branching out and coming into himself.

There have been many hikes, explorations, etc. There is so much to do and see here.

We have finally found some restaurants that we enjoy and don't break the bank. Food is really pricey here for some reason, or maybe after being in Ca for so long we knew where the hidden gems were.
Whatever the case we have found some places that we are happy with and have authentic Mexican, Vietnamese, and Middle Eastern foods.
And best thing of all...Chronic Tacos has opened....we were super excited!

We are definitely more active up here then we ever were in California. We have been walking quite a bit and have felt the benefits that have come with it. We are looking at some bigger more involved hikes this summer, now that we are in better shape and are acclimated to the altitude.

So yea overall this past year has been great...and hoping that this next year is even better!

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