Monday, June 20, 2016

Gaming Con

Earlier this month we headed on out to the Salt Lake Gaming Con in Sandy.

This is one of the conventions that we look forward to each year.

I even did some gaming this year.....the steering wheel was just as touchy as the joystick.....(and I broke the mount...opps)

And had to get a photo by the catbus

There were lots of cool vintage console on display.

Oh I want this.....

Pokemon Tournament...

More gaming

Ahhh the fight pad set up....I NEED to make one.

D was the best driver of the family.

A new Jurassic Park jeep was there, super cool as always.

Vintage handhelds

Ghostbusters props

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp props

I love this one....

And more Ghostbusters props

It was a really fun con as always. Net up....Comic Con!

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