Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

We had a fun day yesterday for the 4th of July.

For the most part we just hung out at home.

The plan was to head on over to the water park, but after much thought no one really wanted to brave the holiday crowds.

You get pretty spoiled when you typically go on weekdays with just a few people.

At night we headed on over to some friends house for a BBQ, chit chat, Star Wars and some VR action.

We were going to go watch the fireworks at Sugarhouse park but by that time all I wanted to do was come home and put on stretchy pants and relax.

It didn't help either that it had rained off and on that day and made for rather humid weather....I don not do well with humidity.

Once home it was dark enough to do some fireworks (sparklers mainly)

I love sparklers!

D pulled out the camera to try to get some sparkler shots....after some trial and error this is what we got.

Different sparklers have different trails.....this was my fave effect.

This was a combo...

I wrote my name.....I was so excited that this one turned out.

After we did our fireworks then the shows began.

From our front porch you could see the Sugarhouse show and I believe over by Liberty Park as well as several people who when all out with the good stuff.

If this was the 4th I can only imagine Pie & Beer Day!

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