Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Cottonwood

One of our favorite places to go around and explore is Big Cottonwood.

Specifically the Brighton and Silver Lake area.

It is just a nice little get away and always something beautiful to see.

This past Sunday was no exception.

We grabbed some sandwiches and then headed on up.

Little visitors

There were even Pokemon

After the lake loop we headed on up to Brighton resort to hike up the ski runs.

Taking lots of photos along the way.

Then we decided to go over to Park City via Gaurdsman Pass...

We had driven by but never ventured over to the Olympic park so why not...

To our surprise they were having an event with the ski jumps....It was crazy to see without snow.

But WOW these people have balls. There were even kids doing it.

People were also tubing down these runs.

Then after watching everyone we headed on in to check out the museum.

It was interesting to see how the medals were made, and how big they are.

The puppets from the Opening Ceremonies were really cool.

They also had a ski museum....I loved the fashion.

I want this bell sooo bad (ok I have an obsession with cowbells) But this is really cool.

They also had cut outs so V had to do a photo.

It was a great Sunday and we look forward to go back again!

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