Monday, July 4, 2016


Last week we headed on down to Orem to check out the Brickslopes event.

We went to the Brickcon event in Seattle last year and that was really great so we were hoping for something just as cool.

Brickslopes did not disappoint.

There were tons of displays and super creative scenes.

I was kinda bummed that there weren't more vendors with custom printed and molded pieces.

But we still had a great time and got inspired!

Mouse Guard

Hogwarts - Great Hall

Invader Zim





Star Wars At-At


Gi Joe

Hogwarts Express

Disneyland Tower of Terror

I love the architecture builds

Mad Max War Rig

Gotta love classic astronaut Lego man!

Star Trek props

I think this had to be one of my top faves from the show....

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