Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting Settled

We moved again back in June, and are finally getting settled in.

Part of me hates moving, the packing and unpacking changing addresses on literally everything.

But then the other part of me loves the fresh new experience and blank slate that it offers.

When we moved over a year ago to the Salt Lake area we knew that we would only be there for the life of the lease. It was the best we found in a short period of time we had to find a home and secure a lease.

It had to do, and we had to make do.

Needless to say the house was a serious succubus.

None of us were happy there, and it made D's first year working from home pretty rough.

Luckily we were able to find a great little house just at the right time.

This place feels like home. It is nice and clean and bright and airy.

Everyone is in much better spirits and enjoying life that much more.

Now the fun part...


When we moved from California we sold most everything aside from beds and a few furniture items, and never really re-bought for the past place.

This place however we have slowly but surly been getting the house back to "home"

It has been slow since I do not "finance", but we are getting there.

V's room is pretty much dialed in now and then onto the basement.

Our room would have been done but Ikea decided to recall the dressers we had been saving for....Damn Ikea.

BUT we are getting there...finally nice to have a home we are happy in.

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