Monday, July 4, 2016

Lava Hot Springs

After Brickslopes we went home, packed up and headed on up to Idaho to spend the weekend camping with unschooling friends in Lava Hot Springs.

On the road, packed to the gills.

We stopped for dinner at the town of Malad.

And finally got to camp in time for some 4 wheeling fun.

While me and D set up camp.

We were able to stay on some friend's families land, it was perfect.

Time for smores...

The next day was a busy one...

We road down the Portneuf river on tubes. Too much fun!

Then we headed on over to the water park at the other end of town.

And D got to ride his first waterslide EVER....who knew.

He loved it!

When the sun started going down and the air cooling off a bit we headed on over to the hot springs.

V got to have his first ride in the back of a pickup truck.

It was still pretty warm for the temperature of the springs....but we stayed for a little bit.

The weather was beautiful and the town was super cute and laid back.

Perfect sunsets and sparrow songs.

That night we had a campfire again... with Smores.

Sunday was just as picturesque out on Wally's land.

After packing up camp it was time for a group shot...

Such great friends we have made in the unschooling community up here.

After we all said our good byes the 3 of us ventured on over to check out the town of Pocatello, Id.

We had lunch at the Portneuf Valley Brewing Company.

Such delicious pizza and beer.

Their downtown area is really cool as well. Most of it was closed since it was Sunday.

But the buildings and vibe were really neat.

After a gas and coffee fill up we headed on home from our fun filled weekend.

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