Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pie & Beer Day

Unless your in Utah you have probably never heard of Pie & Beer day.

July has two fireworks filled holidays...

The first os the 4th of July, but then on the 24th there is Pioneer Day.

Its a Mormon holiday. As far as I know it is when the first mormons came to the valley.

It is recognized as a state holiday, however the non Mormons it is refer to as Pie & Beer Day.

This year we headed out to spend the night with friends.

They had much more open space so all the better to do fireworks.

Everyone had a great time and the guys reverted back to 10 yr old boys when the firecrackers came out.

The cows were hanging out eating the weeds when we got there but then just disappeared after a while.

Then as the sun started to go down it was time to get the show started.

The aftermath of 1000 roll of firecrackers...

We did some skyrockets but allot of them were duds.

Live and learn, being in a basement not such a great idea.

Evanston is so close we just need to make runs prior to the holidays.

Sparklers are always my fave.

C was showing me his spinning skills.

Then some fountains were in order.

We found out that Roman candles are not that exciting and sky rockets are kinda anti-climatic...

We did learn that fire crackers, sparklers and mortars are the way to go.

And of course the night wouldn't be complete without some beer & pie!

After much laughter and good times we decided to head on home where we saw some deer having a midnight snack along the road.

Good times as always!

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