Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spruces Campout

Another month and another unschooling campout with friends.

This time we headed on up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Spruces campgrounds.

The weather was perfect, just warm enough and not too chilly at night.

Of course there was tons of fun to be had.

There were volleyball games...

V had lots of bike rides with his friends...

There was also lots of wildlife around the area.

As we were setting up camp the park host came around to let us know that a black bear had been spotted in the area so make sure we kept all our food and trash put away.

A moose wandered though our friends camp site when I went to pick up D. I was sad I missed it but V sent photos and I got to hear all about it when we got back.

We also had a snake on our site along with two jack rabbits hopping though.

There were tons of little prairie dogs out and about looking super cute as always along with tons of beautifully colored birds.

Then there were the rascals.......the squirrels and raccoon (at least I think it was a raccoon)

If you didn't already know I LOVE squirrels. That being said I like them at a safe distance.

As much as I would love to pull a Snow While and have them all up on me I do know they are wild animals and can carry diseases.

Sooooo these guys were not afraid of humans at all, and they were entertaining and cute, until.....they start harassing you for your food and you have to arm your self with a campfire stick.....They were relentless.

Then one did a battle cry and more came....It was seriously crazy.

They were trying sooo hard to get at the trash bag as well.....Crazy little guys.

But at night a raccoon (or at least I am hoping it was a raccoon) pulled the bag down and rummaged.

Luckily we don't have much trash, but they found the bread that was tossed away.

The scenery was beautiful as well. everything was still so green.

Saturday there was a group hike up to Lake Mary.

D made it all the way, me and V just made it a bit of the way and had to turn back.

The lesson we learned from this hike was that we are NOT hikers.

We are explorers, we can wander around for hours and miles but the climbing etc is just not our thing.

There were ample amounts of just chilling on the trip as well.

This hammock was the best thing I have ever bought.....

We also had lots of campfire fun.

Mouthful of smores...

Glow stick fun...

Another great weekend spent with our great group of unschooling friends.

Loving the Utah life.

Cant wait till our next trip!

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