Wednesday, July 13, 2016

YL Lavender Farm & Fish Hatchery Fun

This Monday was a busy day.

We headed out early to head down to Mona, Ut to check out the Young Living lavender farm and distillery for a tour with our unschooling friends.

Smelling the fields was amazing...

This part, not so much...

The vats went down 10 feet, then the oil and water got separated.

Not a lot of oil vs water.

Then to the lab where is was all tested and analyzed.

By this point we were all a bit overwhelmed by the strong effects of the oils and needed some fresh air.

There was an old west town...

And playground...

And even a Medieval castle to play around.

Then it was time to head on over to Springville to get a fish hatchery tour.

This is the room where they hatch the eggs and let the fish grow to the point of swimming.

The tour guide had specimens of the rainbow trout (thats what they grew here) at each stage from eggs to small fish.

It was quite interesting.

Once they were old enough they were then transferred to the outside tanks.

The fish stay here till they are about 8-10 inches long then they bring them to the local lakes and reservoirs.

The tanks were teaming with fish.

It was interesting to see the different colorings, even though they were the same species.

Fish are just like people!

It was a really fun and informational day...even though it was a really long one.

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