Thursday, August 18, 2016

Adventures in Chinchilla Sitting

While our friends were up in the PNW we got the chance to chinchilla sit.

Ozzy is quite the character.

For such a little guy he has such a huge personality.

He made the house more lively and filled out evenings with entertainment.

He was also up to shenanigans.....always into something.

like eating my headphones....

Why Ozzy Why? They couldn't have been tasty....

But more times then not he was just adorable.

He was good buddies with D and would climb all over him.

He would also follow me around the house like a dog.

Always between my feet wanting a pet.

He also found that when he would jump on the drum he made sound.....

That was great fun.....Ozzy the musical chinchilla.

Sadly he has been picked up and is back home with his was a bittersweet good bye.

He is surly missed, however I do enjoy having my windows open for fresh air.

And after a high maintenance chinchilla cats are going to be easy peasy.

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  1. It's weird looking over and seeing a record rack instead of him sleeping in his cage. No more poppin' off :(