Sunday, August 28, 2016

Camping Adventures

This weekend we were having a camp out with our unschooling friends at Rockport Reservoir.

D took the day off work so we got there at check in and got everything all set up and ready to go.

It was a great location.

Walk out to the beach, lots of trees for shade, a big flat area for the tent and even plenty of hammock hanging locations.

While we waited for everyone else to get there we just explored around a bit...

The fact that we had to haul our stuff down the hill wore D and his bum ankle it was break time.

V being silly

I was relaxing in the usual.

Then the guys went out exploring some more.

It really was such a great view.

The sun started to set and we headed on over to have a campfire with all our friends.

Everyone pretty much called it a night much earlier then usual but that was fine, we were more then ready to take some star photos and head to bed.

That's where the camp trip kinda headed south...

While being beach front was lovely I never took into consideration that the breeze came off the lake and chilled us literally to the bone all night.

None of us got any sleep...we woke up to our friends who were also on the beach with us packing their stuff to head on home.

While part of me wanted to do the same, I figured I wouldn't rain on any ones parade....until D said he wanted to do the same.

Once I heard that from his mouth we started packing our site and called it a day.

We had just been using blankets for our other trips but the reality has hit that we need to buy sleeping bags, especially if we want to be cozy for the next two trips we have scheduled.

We were sad that we missed hanging out with our friends however after non sleep I doubt we would have been great to be around anyhow.

After getting home, unloaded and cleaned up we headed on out for lunch then a long nap.

We did some Pokehunting and V pre-ordered Pokemon Moon and that was our night.

We all slept like logs.

Today after we all got up we headed Downtown to do some more Pokehunting (trying to make up for lost weekend fun)

We were chasing one little cyberdemon up to the top of the hill where we saw this amazing view.

It was a bit hazy but still amazing.

So while our weekend wasn't all we were planning on, it still ended up being another great weekend.

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