Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dread Journey (2 Weeks)

Two weeks ago I finally did something that I have wanted to do and kept tossing back in forth in my head for quite some time (year and years to be exact)

I got dreads!

I think I have always wanted them since back in my Lenny Kravitz loving days.

The idea of having to shave them off if I was ever tired of them (now I know they can be brushed out....tedious but doable) always detoured me.

Also the fact that I was an avid hair colorer and figured that I could color my hair if I had them (another fallacy)

So over the years I have always grew out, cut and colored my hair on a rotating schedule. Always tossing around the idea of dreads but never jumping in.

Then I figured out how to make dread extensions from synthetic hair that I could braid in, wear for a week and take out.

On the upside I could have whatever color my hair was at the time, or if it was black (which quite often it was) I could just add some color as I wanted.

But I always felt a little like a poser....they weren't "real"

Now come to the current year and I stopped coloring my hair back in January.

I was over having bright colored hair.

It was fun when it wasn't common, about 12 years ago. However when everyone and their dog has an unnatural color it looses its allure.

Not to mention the greys were just too much to handle and I wasn't feeling the constant upkeep anymore.

The past 8 months had been a love hate...

I loved not having to color it all the time and have regrowth but I hated looking like I just gave up and didn't care.

For 99% of the time my hair was up in a messy bun anyhow and would be a big dread mess each time I washed it.

That's when after some hem hawing around D was just like make an appt and do the dreads already.

So that's what I did.

I knew about the Salt Lake Dread Shop in Sandy from some friends (they are actually fellow unschoolers) and I made an appt.

If seriously felt like an eternity waiting for my day to come.

Every spare moment I got I was looking online for dreads that I liked and ones that I didn't like.

Finally the day came and I felt I was ready (even though I had a few thoughts of it going terribly wrong)

By the time I was done I was excited and scared all the same when I took a look.

New dreads are not that flattering. I felt like I was bald and you could see so much scalp.

When I had done extensions in the past they were double sided so I had double the amount of dreads and a huge ass bun.

However the dreads themselves were really amazing.

I went home and they were awkward and the ends (I had some length added with human hair) looked like barbie hair (super straight)

I took an Advil and slept it off.

The next day I took a shower and rinsed the dreads.

The warm water felt soooo good on my scalp I didn't want to get out.

After they dried I was feeling better, the ends now looked like "real" hair and I felt like after a night of sleep it was relaxing my scalp some.

I was still worried that they didn't look right until we went to a "Not Back To School" picnic and everyone was commenting on how great they were.

That definitely boosted my moral.

Now two weeks into having dreads I am much happier with them.

I have washed them a few times and have loosened at the scalp so it isn't so "sectioned".

I have also figured out styles that I enjoy.

It has been highlighting the grays more then I imagined. I really thought it would hide them more, However I am comfortable with it.

Who knows, maybe in the future I will color my hair again. But for now I am going to stick to wraps and beads for my color.

My dreads now feel like a part of me and I am less self conscious then I was before.

I still cant wait for them to mature and fluff up like my reference (end goal photo)...but right now its all a waiting game that I will just keep blogging about.

2 Weeks

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