Monday, August 22, 2016


Today we headed on over for free day at the Natural History Museum here in Salt Lake City.

We only saw one family of friends, but boy was it busy today...So much for my plan of kids will be in school.

Next time I think we will hit it up on Free Homeschool day....we have gone before and me and V had the whole place to ourselves for the most part (it as lovely)

We did still have a great time.

I get so excited when we come and they are working on something.

It was a bit hazy today, but you could still see the whole valley.

I had never noticed the prism at work.....or maybe it was just the time of the day.

SOOOOO vibrant!

The gene exhibit was interesting.....kinda scary but interesting.

Still working away on our way out.

This postcard explains sooo much!

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