Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Roundhouse Celebration 2016

This past Sunday we took a drive to Wyoming for the Roundhouse Celebration.

It still seems so strange to say we went to Wyoming for the day, but when you are so close how can you not?

The sky was amazing...I love clouds so much.

We went last year and had a great time.

This year was much of the same.

A lot of train sets to check out...

They have done more on the buildings. I would seriously love to live in there if I could.

It reminds me of when we lived in the artist lofts for a few years.

New bathrooms and tile work

The roundhouse (finished side)

Ahhh the beams and ducts.

The tea sets were amazing.

Too pricy for my budget, however they were so pretty and such great quality.

Obviously when rail travel was the thing to do. I bet they serve you in plastic cups now...so sad.

While a lot of the buildings have been fixed up there is still a lot that is left to do.

This is actually my favorite part, I love abandoned buildings and such.

The roundtable was a Pokemon gym, so V had to do some battle.

Train graffiti is one of my favorites.

This always makes us laugh, even though it is actually a train term.

The weather while we were at the show was beautiful, then got a bit darker with on and off rain while we at lunch in Downtown Evanston.

This was pretty much the whole way home...

Cloudy on Ds side of the car and bright and sunny on mine.

And then this happened......Crazy weather....We love it!

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