Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Music

This month was quite busy for us as far as live music.

We started off the month with seeing Jenny Lewis at the Twilight Concert series held at Pioneer Park downtown.

We weren't too sure about the opening act after checking them out online.

However they were TONS better in person then online.

Just hanging out, waiting for Jenny Lewis.

Super blurry picts (sorry)

She put on a great show and sounds just like on her album.

I was worries that she would only be playing the new stuff (not really a fan)

But she played tons of old songs and alot that she had originally done with the Watson Twins (my fave album!

Next up was Riff Raff, AKA The Peach Panther, AKA Jody Righ Roller, ETC, ETC....

Quite the contrast from the first show, but hey we are pretty eclectic in our music likes.

Generally not a fan of "new" rap or "ringtone rap" but Riff Raff is a showman and puts on a high energy show.

And a little part of me was REALLY hoping that Action Bronson would come out and do a little something (I guess thats only East Coast shows...booooo)

 And then we wrapped up our August shows with Digable Planets at another Twilight Concert.

It was a really good show (even if I got overheated and needed some personal space on the sidelines 1/4 way into the show)

They still sound great!

I also had Cupbop for the first time.....It was delish!

If you have a chance to eat from one of their trucks or their brick and mortar location do it!

They ask you what your spicy level is on a scale of 1-10 (I wish all eateries would do this)

I said 8.5 and OMG it was PERFECT!

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