Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 Goals...How have I done?

Back at the beginning of the year I had set a list of goals for 2016...

You can find it here.

But here is my list...

1.  Start and finish a 365 photo project
DONE! you can view my project so far here.

2.  Get in better shape (and hopefully unload a good 80lbs)
Nope, this did not happen. I can't say that we are in any better or worse shape though.
While I was gung ho with the Fitbit I found I was obsessing and that is just not good. 
We gave the blood type diet a go for a few months and I didn't notice any difference (aside from always being hungry) Since then we have ventured on back to our lentil/veg heavy meals again and have been much more satisfied. 

3.  Buy a house. It is really time we have a house of our own
Null and Void. We did move to a much nicer place and have decided that we are not trees and like the ability to move as we please.

4.  Sew more (lots more...I have been seriously slacking in this department)
I have been sewing more and working on projects.....Not as much as I would have liked BUT at least  I have been working on this.

5.  Start painting again
I have started painting again, even if it is only for projects.....I have a whole lot of ideas in my head ready to go once I get more time.

6.  More photography (non phone camera) I really need to get more familiar/confident with my DSLR.
While I haven't been using the DSLR I have been taking a lot more photos. I have decided to sell my DSLR and upgrade my phone (what I normally take photos on) since that is more cost effective then buying the lens I want.

7.  Spend less money
This is a hard one because we have been so busy with activities (I need to just say no sometimes) But also because when we made our move from Ca we sold almost everything, so we have been slowly been furnishing the house again and have also been updating our camping supplies, but I am going to say we have been good with this since we have bought way less "unneeded" items

8.  More road trips
We have done this...I mean just look at the blog!

9.  More camping
CHECK! We have done 5 this summer. With many more on the works for 2017.

Overall I think I did pretty well.

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