Thursday, September 22, 2016

Antelope Island Adventure

Yesterday we headed on out to Antelope island with our fellow unschooling friends.

It was a long day (we didn't get back till almost 8) However it was tons of fun and well worth the adventure.

We started off at the visitors center where we spotted bison right off the bat.

The water was pretty low and the docks were pretty much useless.

While we waited for everyone to arrive we explored around the grounds.

Bison skull (and antelope I believe) in the offices.

Lots of rocks to climb and play on.

This little birdhouse was random but too cute to pass up.

Once everyone had arrived we headed on down to the beach. Some of the kids wanted to catch the shrimp (sea monkeys)

However since me and V are not fans of sand we just hung out and chatted at the pavilions.

As the clouds moved on in you could see it raining in the distance.

Finally everyone was done with the salty water so it was onto the next stop....the ranch house.

We saw bison on the way....super exciting!

So many pretty cloud formations....

When we arrived at the ranch house the worker had said she already closed it for the day, but that we could go around on the grounds and explore.

While the group went one way I headed out the other towards the old farm equipment.

I love rot and decay, it really is a beautiful sight when nature reclaims and takes over.

Lots of bison out on the prairie.

Apparently there were owls living in the old silo, but I didn't see them.

There were some horses just hanging out that are available to ride during "business hours"

That would be kinda cool to explore the island on horseback (If I wasn't so allergic)

Finally took a shadow photo of myself that I didn't hate.

There was a decomposing deer in the grass. It was still a bit too "meaty" to take it home though.

One day I will find a nice sun bleached skull.


After I explored the one side of the ranch I headed on over to the other little "hidden" forrest while the kids were playing.

The house drew me in...

And the moss and algae kept me there for a while.

Being within the trees is truly my "happy place"

As the sun was starting to set everyone started getting hungry and we figured it was time to head on out.

The sun and clouds was just beautiful.

We got to see more bison.

This guys wasn't trusting the cars and bolted across the road.

Mama and her many babies.

They had these bison all around the island.

This one did NOT have a "do not touch sign" so all the kids had to get on him.

After some group photos we headed on home.

What a wonderful way to spend the last day of summer... a great unschooling adventure with friends.

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  1. Mmmmm, the field with the fence and the dark clouds, and the inside of the truck are my favorites. ♥ Lovely day.