Friday, September 16, 2016

Dread Journey (1 Month)

Today marks my one month with dreads.

It seriously feels like much longer, but its only 4 weeks.

I have gotten quite use to them now so that is nice.

I don't feel awkward and with a prop anymore. I guess I always feel that way with a new tattoo as well so its only natural.

But at this point I don't even notice my hair anymore.

I do usually wear it up (Always did with my "regular" hair as well)

I really need some maintenance at this point. I feel like my roots are long and loopy, but I know that is part of the process.

And quite frankly I like the messy look rather then the fresh and new look of when they are perfect.

I have got in the rhythm of washing every 3-4 days which may seem a bit excessive for some. But I couldn't handle the itchiness and the white skin that was hanging thanks.

Since I have been on this schedule I haven't had itchies, or flakes and i'm a happy gal.

I have to wash in the AM and it takes all day for them to get REALLY dry.

With the weather changing I might actually look into a bonnet to dry my hair faster in the winter.

We will see, I hate to buy something if I don't NEED it.

I have added some color by the way of embroidery floss and that has helped with the loose root situation. I just need to buy more colors to use.

As I feel around my hair I feel like I have bald spots (the room between the dreads) so I was concerned. I could just imagine bare skin.

However I had D take a pict the other day of the back and I was happy with that I saw!

No skin showing!

1 month

I go in a couple weeks for maintenance and I will prob add some beads into the mix.

But until then.....enjoy the journey.

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